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Find your inner Tweetie at Omar’s Exotic Birds. It’s hard to tell when a bird is smiling – it must be the lack of teeth – but their happy chirps and songs make it pretty clear they’re well-cared for at this store.

Owner Omar Gonzalez treats his feathered friends well, having devised circular perches for them to cling to. There are lots of parrots and cocatiels for sale, as well as finches, cockatoos and macaws. Birds come with their hatch date, health guarantee and free grooming for life.

The store has its own brand of products, including a gourmet seed blend, and hundreds of handmade bird toys. You can also board your bird here at Camp Omar, where birds can watch cartoons or listen to piped in jungle sounds.

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8729 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood 90069

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