Old Faithful Visitor Education Center

Learn about the inner workings of Yellowstone's supervolcano

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Beneath Yellowstone’s ground, water boils. It seethes through an undergound plumbing system. Sometimes, the plumbing clogs with bubbles that suddenly erupt in a geyser. The plumbing can also shoot boiling water to the surface as gurgling mud, steam, or hot pools. Where can Yellowstone visitors learn how volcano plumbing works? In the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center.

Located at Old Faithful, the visitor center sits right in front of Old Faithful Geyser. In fact, it’s the place to go to find out when the geyser will erupt next. Stop in before or after watching the geyser to tour the exhibits. With strong visuals, they paint a bigger picture of the volcanic workings of the supervolcano. A special room for kids has interactive activities.

In addition, the park’s flagship visitor center rotates films through the day in its auditorium. The visitor center also houses a Yellowstone Forever gift shop. An info desk is the place to go for questions about hiking, geyser basins, and services.

At A Glance

Old Faithful Road
Old Faithful Wyoming 82190


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