Old Faithful Geyser

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Like clockwork, Old Faithful Geyser erupts on schedule every day. Or close enough. Crowds gather at the Yellowstone icon about a half hour in advance of the expected eruption. When the geyser blows, thousands of people emit verbal “ahs” approval as cameras and phones record the event.

Every 90 minutes, give or take a few minutes, Old Faithful Geyser shoots boiling water and steam high in the air. Most eruptions go about 130 high, but records log higher spouts up to 184 feet. Gallons of water fall back to the ground and flow in mini-streams off the rounded cone.

Of all the volcanic features in Yellowstone, this geyser is by far the most popular. Because parking lots fill to capacity mid-day, go early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the crowds. You can even watch it at night or see it erupt in winter.

At A Glance

Old Faithful Road
Old Faithful Wyoming 82190


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