Oklahoma Territorial Museum

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Most of Oklahoma was included in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase but not much attention was paid to the area until the U.S. Government needed a place to put the Native Americans they were moving westward as white settlement in the country moved west. Various tribes were “given” different areas of the state but none had been settled in central Oklahoma – the Unassigned Lands. The Oklahoma Territorial Museum gives the history of the area from that period through the Land Run of 1889, and territorial and state government.

Discover how claims were staked and look at items these intrepid settlers brought with them. Exhibits explain the wrangling over the location of the state capital and the story of the “stolen” state seal.

The law and lawmen were an important part of the history. But they would have been nothing without the outlaws – and Guthrie has several outlaw stories. My favorite is the story of Elmer McCurdy, a ne’er-do-well bad guy who was very bad at his job. He’s buried in Guthrie’s Boot Hill section of the Summit View Cemetery.

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406 E. Oklahoma Ave.
Guthrie 73044

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