The ultimate fish fry

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There are some experiences that are classic to a place, and Oistins is the required scene in Barbados.

Oistins Fish Fry is a Bajan ritual on Friday night. It is a Fish Fry, but it is so much more! It’s a laid-back party. There are many booths with local dishes, some of them fish, many of them curries and local specialties. There’s music, there’s cold beer, and there’s the magic of sitting at a picnic table, with the ocean steps away, enjoying a slice of Bajan night life.

The fishing village of Oistins sits at the southern tip of the island. The Fish Fry grew out of an open air fish market to become the massive Friday Night Fish Fry that everyone on the island aims to attend. Plates piled high with fried fish and rice, or cou cou ( a tasty mash of cornmeal and okra) or macaroni pie, tourists and locals hang out by the beach to enjoy the party.

For a family experience, go early to maybe catch the sunset and listen to music while you enjoy a roti or fish dinner. It gets more adult after eight, with lots of interesting costume dress, street dancers and local performers, not to mention spontaneous crowd dancing. If you are lucky, you’ll get to watch some of the ‘mature’ locals cut a rug.

The dishes are affordabale and, matched with a chilled Banks beer, the whole dining and partying experience is truly budget wise. One of the best bargains on the island.

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