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With more people moving to Oakland every week, it’s getting hard to tell apart the long-time locals and the brand-new refugees escaping San Francisco’s rising rents. One of the reasons why is because everyone, no matter if they’ve been here 10 minutes or 10 years, loves wearing clothes from Oaklandish. Maybe the sales staff should just stand at the east end of the Bay Bridge, handing out tees, hoodies, and hats to new arrivals. 

All kidding aside, this clothing line is damn awesome if you want to show some local love. Take your pick of a classic oak tree design, a BART-inspired logo, or an outline of the Port of Oakland’s famous cranes standing out against an East Bay skyline. New styles show up a couple of times a year, and they’ve always got green-and-gold Oakland A’s baseball and blue-and-gold Golden State Warriors basketball apparel for sale. If you don’t have time to stop by while you’re in town, you can always order something online. But then you’ll miss out on all the fun of wearing it around Oaktown.

Directions: From Oakland’s 12th St./City Center BART station, walk two blocks northeast on Broadway.

Tip: Oaklandish has a second retail shop in the Dimond District (3419 Fruitvale Ave.) of East Oakland. They also sell some of their designs at Oakland Supply Co. (291 3rd St.), near Jack London Square.

At A Glance

1444 Broadway
Oakland 94612

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