Nuraghe Palmavera Travel Guide

Visit one of the largest and most important Nuraghic sites in Sardinia

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Palmavera is an important Nuraghe fortification surrounded by a village with about 50 round huts. The settlement is from the XII century BC. The largest hut, found near the entrance to the Nuraghe tower has been deemed the Capanna delle Riunioni (Meeting Hut). Inside the foundation wall you’ll see a low stone bench. It encloses a pedestal topped by a model nuraghe.

See a drone video of the site.

Location of Nuraghe Palmavera

Nuraghe Palmavera is located near Alghero Airport on the Fertilia to Porto Conte road, about 10 km north of Alghero. The site is open all year.  Another site to visit nearby is the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju.

Between April and September a bus takes you from Alghero to the site. To see the route and current cost of the bus and taxi services, click here. The bus drops you at Bombarde bivio, the crossroads for Spiaggia delle Bombarde or Bombarde beach to the south. Walk along the road west and in a few minutes you’ll come to the nuraghe.

Le Bombarde beach boasts golden sands, volcanic rocks, clear and refreshing blue waters, a dense forest with maritime pines, eucalyptus, and other typically Mediterranean varieties. ~ Le Bombarde, Sardinian Beaches

What is a Nuraghe?

The name “nuraghe” derives from the word “nur” meaning “hollow heap.” The earliest form of nuraghi were corridor nuraghi, and from the outside resembled a pile of rock, but the insides had been removed to make a habitation area.

There are around 7000 Nuraghe on the island of Sardinia. Most are stone towers or complexes of many stone towers topped with a corbeled dome (a rounded dome made by stacking rocks in circular courses, each course becoming smaller as it inches inward, until it all comes together at the top). There usually are interior staircases and niches. ~ Sardinia Map and Travel Guide

Nuraghe Palmavera


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