Nufenen Pass

Driving Thrills

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Surprisingly, Switzerland’s second-highest paved alpine road pass (2478m, 8130ft) doesn’t garner the fame and fandom it could, but to miss it would be a real shame, given its dazzling series of hairpin bends and sweeping views once you get to the top.

Linking Ticino and Valais

The Nufenen Pass (Passo della Novena in Italian), which dates from 1969, links the towns of Bedretto (Ticino) and Ulrichen (Valais).

From the top, with its restaurant and shop facilities, the views north to Bernese Oberland’s witch’s hats Finsteraarhorn and Lauteraarhorn are superb. To the south you can see Gries Glacier.

At A Glance

Nufenen Pass


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