Notre Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral

Breathtaking Basilica

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Officially titled the Basilica-Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Québec, this church has stood the test of time — at least in spirit and architectural design.

The building site dates to 1647, but the cathedral burned down on three occasions, most recently in 1922 when a fire left only the foundation and standing walls.

That said, each time the structure was rebuilt according to the original architectural plans.

The current cathedral, completed in 1925, offers a fairly non-descript exterior (except for a new copper roof).

But just wait until you walk inside! The interior features a grandiose golden-colored baldachin tentacled-canopy positioned just above the altar.

Although no interior flash is allowed, bring the camera as there’s enough light to capture all that breathtaking beauty.

As it is a working church, be considerate of the parishioners.

Written by Steve Howell

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16 rue de Buade
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