Michel de Nostradamus, apothecary, seer and astrologer

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Born in St Rémy in 1503 Nostradamus achieved lasting fame with his book Les Propheties or the Prophecies.

He studied medicine at Montpellier before being expelled when it was discovered he had been an apothecary before beginning his medical studies. He travelled widely looking for herbal remedies to tackle the Plague.

Consulted by Royalty

Perhaps better known as an astrologer or seer, he was so famous that even Catherine de’ Medici consulted him.  She was very impressed after seeing his books of predictions known as the Centuries. In 1550 he began to produce his famous Almanacs or detailed predictions. .

In 1554 Nostradamus settled in Salon-de-Provence and wrote Les Propheties while continuing to produce the Almanacs up till his death in 1567. His tomb resides in the Collégiale St Laurent in Salon.

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At A Glance

Place Jean Jaures
St-Rémy-de-Provence 13210

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