North Shore Sampler

One place to park, many parks to ride!

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if you park on Linebrook Rd. in Ipswich, you can easily take an afternoon and take in trails at:

As a quick look at google maps will show you, all of these are in a row (except GRSF) and link almost seamlessly with each other. (carry a compass or its electronic equivalent). Linebrook Woods is a newer trail system, but is marked, official, and quite scenic–but it won’t be found on official maps just yet. Cross the street from the Linebrook Rd. parking area, stay to the left of the small pond, and look for the small signboard.

The exception is GRSF, which is slightly harder to find, but worth the trouble, especially to see the graffiti bridge across I-95 that is totally inaccessible to cars.

At A Glance

linebrook rd.
Dawn to Dusk

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