North Kaibab Trail

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Generally, the trail descends steeply with numerous switchbacks. Shorter hikes down (and up) the grade give you a canyon experience impossible to duplicate from the rim. Try Coconino Overlook (1.5 miles roundtrip, 800 ft. drop), Supai Tunnel (4 miles roundtrip, 1,450 ft. drop), Roaring Springs (9.4 miles roundtrip, 7–8 hrs., 3,050 ft. drop), or backpack toCottonwood Campground (7 miles one-way, 4,179 ft. drop). Don’t even think about day hiking beyond Roaring Springs, 3,050 feet below the rim. Other’s have tried and many have died. The Hikers Shuttle picks up daily at the Lodge at 5:45 a.m. and 7:10 a.m. Sign up at the Lodge 24 hours ahead.

At the trailhead (8,250 ft. elev.), you’re one mile from the river, if
you could fly. Or 14.2 miles to Phantom Ranch (2,546 ft. elev.). Water
available at Supai Tunnel (1.7 mi., 6,800 ft. elev.), Roaring Springs
(4.7 mi., 5,200 ft. elev.), Pumphouse Residence (5.4 mi.), Cottonwood
Campground (6.8 mi., 4,080 ft. elev.), and Bright Angel Campground (14
mi., 2,546 ft. elev.).

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Seasonal May 15-Oct. 15

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