North Bonneville Heritage Trails

Sasquatch, nature and history trails to walk

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The community of North Bonneville was developed as a construction town next to the massive Bonneville Lock, Dam, and powerhouse. It is still a residential town featuring a golf course, views of the gorge cliffs and an interesting trail system.

There are four trails to take. Look for the map as you enter North Bonneville at the gas station. The trails begin from that point.

The Hamilton Creek Trail (estimated loop distance 1.25 miles) extends to the west end of the city over the Hamilton Creek Bridge.

Strawberry Island Trail (estimated loop distance 1.5 miles) extends to the south of the city, past the city ball fields and up onto Strawberry Island. This is a good place for bird watching.

Columbia Trail (estimated loop distance 2.5 miles) extends to the east, passing by eastern neighborhoods and through the Fort Cascades Historic Site.

Greenleaf Trail (estimated loop distance 2 miles) extends to the north and along Greenleaf Lake to the east.

Be sure and look for Sasquatch as you walk the trails. We found a hand carved Sasquatch figure at the golf course and another at the ball field. It’s part of the fun of walking through this planned community.

Fun Map of North Bonneville Trails.

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