Noah’s Natural Foods – Toronto

Natural and Bulk

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Noah’s is well known for its vitamins, nutritional supplements, and natural cosmetics and toiletries. They also carry a good selection of organic foodstuffs — both processed and raw.

As well, they carry bulk foods, including nuts, grains, legumes, flours, dried fruits, and herbs, and spices. Indeed, I love that I can buy small amounts of ingredients that I only need for one recipe (for example, I recently needed 1-¾ teaspoons of xanthan gum and Noah;s was the only place I found in Toronto that sold it loose). And best of all, they have a knowledgeable staff so when I phoned to see if they had xanthan gum, I didn’t have to explain what it was.

There are a few locations of Noah’s and there is some variation in what each carry, so if you’re looking for something particular, it’s a good idea to phone.

Here are their addresses:

  • 2395 Yonge Street, Toronto 416-488-0904
  • 667 Yonge Street, Toronto 416-969-0220
  • 322 Bloor Street West, Toronto 416-968-7930
  • 430 King Street West, Toronto 416-260-8900
  • 9121 Weston Rd., Toronto 905-850-2873

Each location has different hours.

At A Glance

2395 Yonge St.
Toronto Ontario M4P 3E7


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