Nishiki Food Market

Kyoto's food culture on display

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Located right downtown, this five-block shopping arcade has been Kyoto’s main food market for more than four centuries. Shopkeepers of 130-some open-fronted shops and stalls arise early to lay out their fresh seafood, fresh vegetables, pickled vegetables, seaweed, dried foods, yuba (tofu skin) and other goods to sell to the city’s best restaurants and inns coming to shop for that day’s menu. There are also prepared foods available that you can eat as a snack or take with you, as well as stores selling crafts and cookware.

You’ll find the covered market on Nishiki-koji Dori, between Teramachi and Takakura streets.

Subway: Kawaramachi

At A Glance

Nishikikoji Teramachi-Takakura, Nakagyo-ku
From early morning to about 6pm; some shops closed on Sunday.

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