Nîmes: Les Arènes

The Roman Amphitheatre at Nîmes

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The Amphitheatre at Nîmes was constructed in 70 AD at around the same time as its counterpart in Arles. Although not the largest, it is arguably the best preserved of all the amphitheatres in France. Locally it is referred to as Les Arènes.

From bread and circuses to rock concerts

When fighting between gladiators was banned in the early 5th century, the Arena was converted into a fortress by the Visigoths. Later, like at Arles, the locals built a castle and a small settlement grew up within it.. Eventually, during the 19th century, the Authorities demolished the buildings and restored the Arena to a bullring. It is used regularly for this purpose. As well as the corrida, the Arena is used for concerts and Dire Straits, Rammstein and Metallica have performed here.

: A combined ticket for the Maison Carrée, Les Arènes and the Tour Magne can be obtained at a discount – see website.

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