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The 25 beaches of Nice

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Nice has an amazing selection of beaches (les plages) – 25 in fact running all the way along the Promenade des Anglais from the Airport in the west, past the Quai des États Unis and on to the other side of Port Lympia below Mont Boron in the east.

The Baie des Anges is generally very clean and usually sports plenty of blue flags. If you spot yellow, orange or especially red flags then bathing is inadvisable. If in doubt consult a lifeguard. Also don’t expect to find sandy beaches – most consist of pebbles.

I’ve featured Opéra Plage in the app because it’s perhaps the most well known but there are many others which you can select from this map. Most of the beaches are accessible by public transport but the stop furthest east is at Jardin Albert I.

Private Beaches

Nice has private and public beaches. There are 15 of the former, usually delineated with a fence and sporting colourful parasols. They all have a restaurant/bar and you cannot bring your own food. There are usually lifeguards on duty. Prices can vary and tend to be more expensive the nearer you are to the centre of town.

Public Beaches

You can choose from plenty of public beaches – all clean, safe and well maintained. They are all free of charge and used by tourists and the locals who tend to shun the private beaches! Not all public beaches have toilets and showers but these can usually be found on an adjacent beach.

The best unofficial website for further information about the beaches of Nice and the rest of the Riviera, written by beach expert Jeanne Oliver.

At A Glance

Promenade des Anglais

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