Naughara Gali

A lane of painted houses

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This small lane is remarkable in that it retains in almost their original form many of the old havelis or mansions that once graced Old Delhi. What sets these ones apart are the colours that have been applied to their door fronts and arches.

At the end of the lane is the Jain Svetambara Temple belong to another branch of Jainism. At the beginning of this walk you might have visited the Digambar Temple.

Digambar Jains worship undecorated idols of the Tirthankars (gurus) of the order. Adherents who have reached the highest stage of spiritual development no longer wear clothes.Such is their concern for other forms of life that they carry a broom of discarded peacock feathers to sweep away any insects that might cross their path.

Svetambar monks and nuns wear white dress and worship and decorate the images of their Tirthankars.This temple is famous for its centuries-old idols and murals.

At A Glance

off Kinari Bazaar, Old Delhi
Delhi Delhi 110006

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