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That's one big iguana!

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Originally an offshoot of the Musée de Bruxelles in 1802, the Museum of Natural Sciences has blossomed into one of the foremost exhibitors of prehistoric fossils and artefacts in Europe, if not the world. The exhibition of dinosaurs, which is undoubtedly the main reason that people come from all over the world come to see the museum – is largely thanks to the discovery of tens of iguanadon skeletons in a coal mine in the nearby province of Bernissart. 9 of the 29 permanent fossils come from Bernissart and are possibly some of the most impressive and complete you’ll ever see. Because they were originally mounted in a standing position, it has long been believed that the iguanadon were two-legged, which has since been disproved. Something else to blame Belgium for!

There are 7 more permanent exhibitions, ranging from the Polar ice caps, through insects and on to whales and porpoises. Temporary exhibitions change 2-3 times per year,so you’ll always see something new. It’s just around the corner from the Parliamentarium too. So much to do in a small area.

Bus line 34 or 80: Museum

At A Glance

Rue Vautier 29
Brussels 1000
0032 2 627 42 11

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