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Braveheart and more

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Built on a strategic point overlooking the Stirling valley the Wallace Monument is built on the crag from which Scottish rebel Sir William Wallace charged his forces down to swarm over the English and claim a great victory at the 1297 Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Inside the 1869 monument there’s a rundown of Wallace’s life, particularly the bits between his initial rebellion and his brutal 1305 execution. It’s partly done by by a free audio tour.

Highlights include his sword, and a life-size model of him that talks. Note how his portrayal has changed over the years: from the aloof and dignified 19th-century statues and stained glass here to his more recent wild and unkempt statue in the car park. Much of that latter image is the work of the popular, if historically inaccurate, 1995 film Braveheart (trailer ?). The monument has become HQ for the film’s fans ever since.

Additional attractions include a hall of busts of other celebrated Scots (including economist Adam Smith and firebrand preacher John Knox) and fine views over Stirling and to Ben Lomond from the top of the 75meter tower – with 246 stairs. There’s also a cafe.

At A Glance

Abbey Craig, Hillfoots Road, Causewayhead
Stirling FK9 5LF
44 1786 472140
Adults £8.25; concessions £5.25-6.75

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