National Gallery

Five centuries of art

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In what once was the Royal Mint, the National Gallery shows a mixed bag of Thai and Siamese art from the 1500s to present. The front gabled building’s galleries have the best stuff; visit them first and then wander around the grounds and peek into the temporary exhibitions, which may or may not be as engaging.

Up the stairs just after the entrance are wine-colored rooms with Sukothai and Lanna paintings, banner-like images of Buddha, and landscapes where elephants dominate the narrative. There’s also a beautiful early 19th-century book with illustrations. One of the highlights in the ground floor, front room galleries is a series of watercolors painted by King Vajiravudh. The gift shop sells dusty old exhibition catalogs for 20, 90, and 150 baht.

Address: Chao Fa Road at the northern end of Na Phrathat Road
Get there: Riverboat Pier Pra Athit
Price: 70 baht entry
Hours: 9am-4pm Wed-Sun

At A Glance

4 Chao Fa Road north end of Na Phrathat Road
02 281 2224
9am-4pm Wed-Sun

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