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It's easy to lose yourself for a few hours

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it comes to exhibitions, the National Gallery’s blockbuster exhibitions are
Canberra’s biggest drawcard, bringing people from all around the country to see
art work and treasures often on loan from major galleries and institutions
across the world. What’s on offer elsewhere in the Gallery is probably enough
to keep you enthralled for a few days anyway, but it’s easy just to lose
yourself for a few hours depending on your interests – choose from collections
of Australian, Pacific, Asian, European and American art.

Look for Jackson
Pollock’s Blue Poles, which created a
scandal when it was purchased in 1973, and the enormous canvas of David
Hockney’s A Bigger Canyon. The
collection of indigenous Australian art is particularly outstanding. Pause to
reflect at the Aboriginal Memorial, an installation of 200 painted hollow log
coffins created by artists in Arnhem Land as a tribute to the suffering and
loss experienced by Aboriginal people.

At A Glance

Parkes Place, Parkes
Canberra ACT 2600
02 6240 6411

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