National Archaeological Museum

So many treasures, so little time.

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You’ve climbed the volcano and visited the excavations, now you MUST see the impressive collection of Roman art and artifacts that came from these excavations at Naples National Archaeological Museum.

The mosaics from the House of the Faun at Pompeii, especially the Alexander Mosaic are simply stunning as is the museum’s collection of frescoes from the Vesuvian sites, with all four Pompeian painting styles represented. Not to be outdone, the bronze sculptures from Herculaenum’s Villa dei Papyri are exquisite. More Roman antiquities are on display in the form of massive ancient sculptures from the Farnese collection and there is of course, the famed Roman erotic art in the Secret Cabinet.

Good to Know

– All of these treasures await and much more. Allow at least a few hours to explore the museum to the fullest.
– Due to budgetary constraints, sections may be closed from time to time. Check ahead before visiting if you plan to see a specific collection.

At A Glance

Piazza Museo, 19
39 0814422149

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