National Airport

Four miles from downtown

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For travelers hoping to make a quick getaway (members of Congress, for instance), and visitors and returning locals who want easy-breezy access into the city, National Airport is invaluable.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (its real handle, though no one calls it that) is a mere 4 miles outside the city, just across the Potomac River and down the road apiece.

National Airport connects directly to the Metro system and has its own National Airport stop. Currently, the cost of a Metro ride into town starts at $1.75 and goes up from there depending on where and when you’re traveling (rates rise during rush hour). A taxi ride’ll cost you about $15. Either way, expect a 15 to 20 minute trip.

Nearly all of National’s nonstop flights are to cities located within 1,250 miles of DC. In other words, if you’re coming from or traveling to the West Coast, Pacific Northwest or international destinations, best look to choices at BWI or Dulles airports.

In all, about 10 airlines, including discount carriers JetBlue, Frontier, and Southwest fly nonstop between National and some 85 cities.

Metro: National Airport on the Blue and Yellow Lines.

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Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
Arlington 22202


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