NASA Ames Exploration Center

"Let me play among the stars"

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The NASA Ames Research Center plays a critical role in virtually all NASA missions in support of America’s space and aeronautics programs. As the facilities inside the Moffett Field Research Park are closed to the public the Exploration Center presents NASA technology and missions to the general public in a large tent outside the main gate.

The Science on a Sphere Visualization System offers visitors a new look at the planets in the Universe with a large, spherical projection system. Other changing exhibits include models of previous and recent spacecraft missions from NASA Ames, a real lunar rock retrieved by the crew of Apollo 15 from the Moon, a Mercury Redstone 1A (MR-1A) capsule used in the last unmanned test flight before the Mercury 7 astronauts took flight, the NASA  Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, and much more.

Young children can enjoy themselves in the Mars Room, equipped with crayons and space related coloring pages, fun for all ages!

Photo: NASA Ames Exploration Center, Mountain View

At A Glance

U.S. 101 at the "Moffett Blvd / NASA Parkway" exit
Mountain View California


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