Napoli Sotterranea

A bit creepy, a bit cool and a bit claustro-phying, Napoli Sotterranea is everything an underground tour should be and more.

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Journey 40 meters below ground, down 136 steps, to the cavernous cisterns and narrow channels hollowed out by the Greeks for their aqueduct system. Expanded by the Romans, this subterranean space found purpose by all those who came after. Grim reminders of its use as an air raid shelter during WWII will send shivers down your spine. The tour includes a candlelit detour to a water filled cistern, a stop at a Roman theater where Nero performed and a peek at a convent’s wine collection.

Perfect for archaeology, geology and history buffs; the kids will love it too!

Good to Know

– Not suitable for those with mobility issues and parts of the tour are not suitable for anyone suffering from claustrophobia.
– Wear sensible shoes and a sweater or light jacket.
– Napoli Sotteranea is is just one of several underground tours in Naples and one of two underground tours that go by the same name.

At A Glance

Piazza San Gaetano, 68
39 081 296944

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