Na ‘€˜Aina Kai Botanical Gardens and Sculpture Park

Whimsical garden for those with deep pockets

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Once the private play-land of Ed and Joyce Doty, this 240-acre garden is now open to the public by appointment. In the works since 1982, you’ll see a variety of modern non-native introductions. The garden offers six tours, varying in length (1.5-5 hours), price, and type (stroll or covered carriage ride, formal or wild gardens, children’s garden or waterfall-lagoon tours).

Though quite pricey, there are 13 gardens with over 60 bronze statues often humorously placed throughout them. You can get lost in the Hedge Maze; absorb yourself in natural ponds, the 60,000 hardwood trees, desert gardens, the bog house, the beaches and marshes (which are great for bird and whale watching), the orchid garden, or the children’s garden—with a log cabin, 16-foot bronze Jack and the Beanstalk sculpture in a pool, a train, a giant play structure, and tropical jungle.

Check out the Wild Forest, which feels the most like Kaua’i even though none of the plants are native; here you get to see chocolate, cinnamon, ylang ylang, and nutmeg trees while birds sing and the wind blows through the palm leaves.

At A Glance

4101 Wailapa Road
Kilauea 96754
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