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Located in the former ‘Old England’ department store, the signage for which can still be seen emblazoned across the frontage, the Musical Instrument Museum is situated a couple of hundred metres from the Place Royale and the Mont des Arts.

as it is more often called, is internationally renowned for its exhibition of some 1,500 instruments from its larger permanent collection of over 7,000. Visitors can use infrared headphones to listen to over 200 of them, snatches of music being played when in range.

The building itself is a work of Art Nouveau genius, the external Nouveau wrought iron work sitting atop and alongside an already impressive 18th century neo-Classical building.

There’s plenty to do for kids, running around and trying out all the instrument sounds and for the adults there’s the obligatory homage to the genius of one Adolphe Sax, who probably needs no introduction. There’s a bar and restaurant too, the terrace of which gives a lovely view over the Place Royale and the environs. You can also get to the restaurant without going into the MIM itself, should you be so inclined. As ever, it’s pretty packed in season, so you’ll need to be patient or lucky.

Metro Parc
Tram line 94, 92: Royale

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Montagne de la Cour 2
Brussels 1000
02 545 01 30
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