Museum of Siam

An important history lesson

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This museum is very well designed and informative. The exhibits are engaging and interactive, and adults as much as children like playing the animated educational games, handling traditional toys made of reeds, and sitting in the post-WWII Thai diner.

Texts are all in Thai and English. Exhibits begin with the Suvarnabhumi era 5,000 years ago and run up to the present. Visitors learn facts galore: Sona and Utara were missionary monks who brought Buddhism here in 300 BC; Bangkok wasn’t above sea level until 1,000 years ago, Suvarnabhumi means Land of Gold.

The museum favors an emphasis on the multi-ethnic character of the region rather than a nationalistic approach. People here include Mon-Khmer, Malayo-Polynesian, Thai-Lao, Sino-Tibetan, Hmong-Yao, but also later Japanese, Indian and Persian, and European.

At A Glance

Sanam Chai Road at Settakhan Road
Bangkok Bangkok

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