Strasbourg’s Museum of Notre Dame

Originals from the Cathedral

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Located directly across from the Notre-Dame Cathedrale in several old houses, this museum holds art, stained glass, and sculpture from the Middle Ages. Many of the pieces in the series of rooms and gardens are the originals that were salvaged from the Cathedrale during the French Revolution.

Allow about an hour to zip through and stop at anything that catches your attention. If you love art, history, or architecture, count on staying 2-3 hours.

The central building belongs to Fondation de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame, which has been maintaining the Strasbourg Cathedral since 1246.

Don’t miss:

  • Christ de Wissembourg, a stained glass likeness of the face of Christ made in 1060 and probably the oldest stained glass window in France.
  • Les Amants Trépassés, a chilling painting of illicit lovers from 1470.


At A Glance

3 place du Chateau Oeuvre Notre-Dame
Strasbourg Alsace 67000
03 68 98 51 60

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