Museum of Ancient Glass

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Housed in the Cosmacendi Palace, you would have thought glass too fragile to withstand the ravages of time but here ancient glass comes into a life all it’s own. The museum contains one of the best collections of Roman glassware outside Italy gathered from archaeological sites across Dalmatia.

The permanent exhibition looks at the history of glass-making – various techniques used in it’s creation and decoration. The halls in the restored areas of the palace and the new annex contain artifacts related to the trade and trade-routes; local glass products and relief stamps. There’s a room dedicated to glass in cosmetics, pharmacy and medicine, with another dedicated to necropolis, focusing on the role of glass in the funerary ritual.

My personal favourite is a small hall in the eastern wing containing glass jewelry.

On the second floor there’s a workshop for producing souvenirs and a glassblowing school – yes, you can take lessons – ask at reception.
Next to the demo workshop there’s a conservation-restoration workshop where you can take a peek at what the team is working on.

As you stroll through the museum marveling at these delicate treats don’t forget to look out the windows – Cosmacendi has some outstanding views of Jazine Harbour.

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Poljana Zemaljskog Odbora 1
385 23 36 38 33

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