Museo Nacional de Arqueología

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Remarkable Iberian Prehistory and History in One Place

Madrid’s National Archaeological Museum is my favorite museum in the city. It possesses keys to Spain’s origins, holding insights into the most ancient to more recent layers of Madrid’s and Spain’s prehistory and history.

You can wander among the most important archaeological finds in Madrid and Spain, from prehistoric to medieval and beyond.

Some artifacts include mammoth bones and stone tools from Paleolithic residents near Madrid’s Manzanares river, as well as amazing Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron Age remains.

Madrid was once the home to Celtic and Iberian tribes, around 2500 years ago. Here you can gain insights into their pottery vessels, their carved stones with scenes of warriors and farmers, their ironwork swords and their gold torques and diadems.

Fascinating quarry are also on display from the Visigoths, and from the expansive Islamic period. Medieval Christian works, and often their Muslim craftsmen, are also fascinating to view firsthand.

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