Musée du Foie-gras at Thiviers

The capital of foie-gras in the Périgord Vert

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Thiviers, an important town in the middle ages, is nowadays associated with foie-gras and is indeed known as the ‘capital’ of foie-gras in the Périgord Vert.

There is a large regional market every Saturday morning from mid-November to mid-March which is devoted to the product. Since the earliest times the inhabitants of the region have been devoted to the processing of the livers of ducks and geese which results in the culinary delicacy known as foie-gras..

The Musée du Foie Gras, located in the Office de Tourisme, was established in 2010 to celebrate the product and traces the history of this delicacy. The lower floor is devoted to the the techniques of production while the upper floor is concerned with the history of foie gras over the centuries.

At A Glance

8, Place Foch
24800 Thiviers
33 (0)5 53 55 12 50

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