Mundoaka Street Food

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Mundoaka – street food with heart and soul.

Upon entering you might seriously wonder how so many diners can fit into such a cramped space. Well, it’s probably because of the food – just ask one of the 20-30 people waiting in line out the front.

The name Mundoaka merges the words “mundo” Spanish for world and “Aka” which is the nickname of head chef Tvrtko Sakota. The restaurant was created by American and Croatian cooperation with Argentine influence, in other words – Tom Novak, Jimi Antoine and Tvrtko Sakota who wanted to offer guests an informal setting to enjoy the original food at reasonable prices.

Sakota creates dishes that are interpretations of classic global recipes (think American sticky ribs) served with Spanish craft beer Balate and Argentinian wines. And it’s the unpretentious nature of the dishes made from quality ingredients prepared in the style of street food but presented beautifully which keeps hungry customers coming back for more.

At A Glance

Petrinjska 2
Zagreb 10000
385 1 78 88 777


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