Multangular Tower

View a fragment of Roman York

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On the edge of Museum Gardens, behind the Library, this tower includes perhaps the best preserved Roman remains in York.

Tip  If you’re following the Walls Walk itinerary, starting with Section 1 this would be a good place to stop en route.

The base (around 5 metres high) is from about AD300 and was a corner of the Roman fortress of Eboracum. When it was excavated in the nineteenth century, chisel marks left by the original masons were found in the stones.

The red band in the wall is tiles, laid as a means of leveling the brickwork for the higher courses.

The top part of the tower is much later, and dates from the 13th century (check out the different brickwork).

Tip Viewing it from Museum Gardens, you can see the imposing height of the tower, but do go round to the other side (through the small hidden gateway) as well. Here you’ll find Roman sarcophagi, found and moved here when the railway station was built.

TIME Allow a few minutes

NEARBY Library, Information Office, Walls.

At A Glance

Museum Gardens


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