Mulhouse Zoo and Botanical Garden

Parc Zoologique et Botanique

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Exotic animals and beautiful themed gardens are the highlights here. Kids have fun in the area reserved for interacting with smaller animals in open pens and enclosures resembling native habitats. Petting the dwarf goats is a special treat, even if they try to eat your clothes. Potamochoerus, an endangered pig-like creature from Africa, is one of the newest arrivals. More than 200 baby animals are born at the zoo each year, and kids especially enjoy watching the moms caring for their infants. Feeding times are the most exciting part of the day, for visitors as well as the animals. Times are posted on site and online so you won’t miss the excitement.

Themed gardens spread out over the 43,055 sq.ft/4,000 sq. m grounds. One of the most inviting is “The Garden of the Senses” which features a vast display of smells, colors, even flavors. Your sense of touch and taste will be stimulated and perhaps tricked. By contrast, the “Jurassic Rockery” is dedicated to the wild plants of the French Jura and Sundgau mountains. Endangered species and other plants mingle in the garden’s representation of a sub-alpine mountain range.



At A Glance

51 Rue du Jardin Zoologique
Mulhouse Alsace 68100
33 3 69 77 65 65
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