Mt. Shasta City

Crystals and cuisine in the shadows of Northern California's most spiritual mountain

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After exploring the innards of the Cascade region, this small town feels like a metropolis. Curiously adorable houses, cluttered with wine bars, breweries, eateries, and of course those famed crystal shops, populate the stretch of downtown Mt. Shasta City. Since the dawn of man, people have traveled to this rich natural tableau to soak up the fresh air and healing properties of the sacred mountain.

Mount Shasta Boulevard is the gateway to this funky community. Get your aura read at Crystal Wings, a metaphysical shop carrying an abundant collection of Vogel crystals. Then tour the many art galleries lining the main drag. The Gallery showcases natural art that highlighs the mountain, and serves glasses of wine. Grab a cup of coffee or tea at the Seven Suns Coffee House and listen to the chatter of people drawn to this mountain. Grab a bite at the venerable Lily’s, which serves Mexican tinged egg dishes and salads on their flowery patio.

The Mount Shasta Resort is a popular spot for golfers, honeymooners, and families wanting to sleep in chalets by Lake Siskiyou. Woodsy accommodations offer plenty of privacy, with decks facing the lake or forest, indoor fireplaces and full kitchens. Dine at their lakefront dining room, on traditional mountain cuisine (a la chicken, steak and hearty veggies).

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