Mount Verstovia

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There is a running debate among the local outdoorsy folk about which mountain is a better hike, Gavan Hill or Mount Verstovia. The taller of the two, Mount Verstovia’s first peak at Picnic Rock offers spectacular views of the city and Silver Bay. If you still have energy, you can continue from there down (and then back up) an unofficial but easy-to-follow trail to Arrowhead, the iconic rocky peak. There, the face of the mountain gets a bit treacherous as the foliage subsides and the dirt trail is replaced with bare rock. This can make even the experienced hiker a bit shaky on his feet, but the dramatic scenery is worth it.

Difficulty: Medium to hard
Length: 3 hours to Picnic Rock, 1-2 more hours to Arrowhead
Access from city center: Drive-up

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