Mount Biokovo

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Mount Biokovo is the highest mountain in Dalmatia and the second highest in Croatia – rising to 1,762 metres at its highest point of Sveti Jure – Saint George. The mountain range is set between the Cetina and Neretva rivers and with the Adriatic on one side, it’s a magnificent view from all sides of the mountain.

Croatians will tell you that the most beautiful part of Biokovo is above the coastal town of Brela. Here you’ll find The Hollow Rock or the Biokovo Eye. This ‘eye’ is a natural rock phenomenon and through the hole you can view Brela and the coast and on a clear day to Italy.

In the Biokovo Nature Park you’ll find various fauna including golden eagles, the horned viper and foxes and 2274 floral species among which is the famed Biokovsko zvonce – Biokovo bell.

The botanical garden Kotisina at an altitude of 350–500 meters is worth a visit and was established by Father Jure Radic, PhD in order to conserve the flora of Biokovo, encompassing over 300 wild Mediterranean and alpine plants.

Biokovo can be hiked to Vosac peak (1,422m) which is only 1.8 miles from Makarska city centre (on a well signposted route). From Vosac it takes about two hours along another well marked path to Sveti Jure. You can join organised hikes of various levels of difficulty for those wanting to leave the navigation in the hands of professionals.

There is accommodation available in the park.

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