Mount Auburn Cemetery

the first of its kind

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Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA was the first garden cemetery of the type so common today. it also contains the graves of a surprising number of literary figures.

These include geologist Louis Agassiz, T.B. Aldrich, John Bartlett (of the quotation books), Nathaniel Bowditch, Philips Brooks, poet Robert Creeley, father of the memoir Frank Conroy, cookbook author Fannie Farmer, Julia Ward Howe, Harrier Jacobs, Longfellow, Amy Lowell, Pulitzer Prize winner Bernard Malamud, Vanity Fair magazine creation Frank Crowninshield, Mary Baker Eddy, Publishers William Ticknor and James Fields, Museum namesake Isabella Stewart Gardner, and many more.

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At A Glance

580 Mt. Auburn St.

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