Moraine Lake

Lake Louise's little sister

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Though only half the size of Lake Louise, Moraine Lake is in many ways scenically superior. The jagged, snow-tipped mountains gather closer to the lake; the adjacent Moraine Lake Lodge is far less intrusive; and there are fewer visitors to contend with.

The turquoise colour of the lake is particularly captivating and as vivid as anywhere in the Rockies. As elsewhere, it comes from the presence of fine particles of glacial silt which absorb all colours of incoming light except those that are blue–green. The concentration is lessened after the snowmelt, so the effect is weakest in May and June.

Once you’ve finished admiring the Lake’s colour, you might want to go canoeing (rentals available) or go for a hike. The trail out-and-back along the eastern shore is easy, but cracking trails fan out in every direction.

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