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Place of the Birthing Sun

Just three kilometers inland from the outcropping at the coast of Muxía sits the hamlet of Moraime. It is home to a less known but important 12th century Romanesque church, that of San Julián de Moraime. Rich in rural Galician Romanesque sculptures, this church may rest on an even older site than its 12th century Benedictine foundations.

Nearby excavations of a pre-Christian necropolis indicate that pagan natives occupied the area, followed by Romans and then Visigoths. Local lore identifies the earth here as sacred to the original pagan peoples.

It is clear that by the time the Benedictine monks arrived in the Middle Ages, the area was still only marginally Christian. Early Christians began evangelizing and converting the pagan population. As they did, they integrated important local pagan beliefs and practices into the Christian.

Depending on the direction you are walking and/or exploring, make your way next to Muxía, Cereixo or Finisterre.

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Moraime, Galicia

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