Monument Creek Vista’€“Hermit Road

Roadside vista

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Look down from this roadside viewpoint deep into the canyon and glimpse of the river. Monument Creek carves the rock strata from the rim through the Tonto Platform and slices into the 2-billion basaltic rock of the Inner Gorge. A knife-like ridge stands in the foreground and sweeping red-rock buttes march toward the North Rim. From this shuttle stop to Hermits Rest, the Rim Trail becomes paved and called the Hermit Road Greenway Trail with bicycles allowed. Much of the Greenway Trail westward is through the forest away from the rim, so rim hikers often take the shuttle for the next 1.7 miles to Pima Point.
Monument Creek Vista east to the Abyss: .9 mile
Monument Creek Vista west to Pima Point: 1.7 miles

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