Montignac - Gateway to Lascaux

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Gateway to Lascaux

In recent years Montignac has became an important centre for tourism due to the nearby Lascaux Cave. Before this it was little more than a hamlet associated with the Count of Périgord’s Castle.

On both banks of the river the old or ‘feudal’ town still exists. In fact, the rue de la Pègerie has many well preserved medieval houses. Across the river Vézère is Pautauberge square with its bust of Eugène Le Roy known as ‘the novelist of Périgord’ who lived here in his later years until his death in 1907.

Great touring base

Montignac is excellent base from which to tour the, Périgords Noir, Blanc and Vert being centrally located on the eastern side of the Dordogne.

Market day: Saturday and Wednesday

At A Glance

33 (05) 53 51 82 60

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