Monte Sant’Angelo, Puglia

Picturesque Old Town on a Hill in the Gargano

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Monte Sant’Angelo is one of the most picturesque towns in Puglia. From afar one can see the white town perched on a hill. From the town there are great views of the countryside below it and the sea.

Monte Sant’Angelo was built up primarily to house pilgrims visiting the San Michele Sanctuary and for other religious activities related to the shrine. There are really two old quarters in the town, the first built inside the 11th century walls and the second dating from the 13th century surrounded by an outer ring of walls. Both parts look similar with white houses built right next to each other. It’s a very interesting place to wander around.

In addition to the San Michele Sanctuary and its museums, places to visit include the 9th century castle on the edge of the historic center, Santa Maria Maggiore Church with its Byzantine frescoes, and the interesting Museum of Art and Traditions.

For lunch or dinner go to La Caravella or Ristorante ai Battistero. There’s a lot to see in Monte Sant’Angelo so I’d recommend spending at least one night. Palace Hotel San Michele is right across from the castle and convenient to San Michele Sanctuary and the historic center.

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Monte Sant'Angelo


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