Monte Epomeo

A scenic hike to a panoramic peak.

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Blanketed in dense foliage and vineyards, Monte Epomeo is Ischia’s highest mountain. Its summit sits at 789 meters above sea level. A welcoming sight from points below, Monte Epomeo offers nature lovers and trekkers a pathway to see the island from a different perspective. If you love the outdoors and are reasonably fit, you will love this hike!

Several trails lead to the summit, but the best bet is from the town of Fontana. It’s a 3km steep and sometimes difficult trek from there, first by paved road and then, along an adequately sign-posted and well trodden footpath. The last part of the hike is along an old mule path.

Those who make it to the top will be met by dazzling 360 degree views: Capri and Sorrento to the south; Pozzuoli, the Domitian Coast and the Pontine Islands to the north; well deserved refreshments await at La Grotto da Fiore.

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Monte Epomeo

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