Montana Grizzly Encounter

Up close and personal with ursus arctos

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Ever wondered what an up-close-and-personal encounter with ursus arctos would be like? A safe place to do so is at Montana Grizzly Encounter, where you’ll learn about grizzly bears and how to recreate safely in bear country.

From the freeway, Montana Grizzly Encounter might look like one of those cheesy drive-thru wildlife parks where the critters peer into your vehicle and beg for food. It isn’t. Co-founder Casey Anderson has provided a home for five grizzly bears rescued from atrocious environs, cruelty and wild-animal auctions.

The non-profit’s headliner is a camera-happy fellow named Brutus, a 900-pound male acquired from a wildlife park. Brutus has been in several of Anderson’s films, but his primary role is to educate visitors about an iconic predator that remains on the Endangered Species List. You’ll learn about the ecological and spiritual importance of the great bear to the Northern Rockies.

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80 W. Bozeman Hill Rd.
Bozeman 59715

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