Mont Sainte Odile

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A lot of legend and mystery surround this historic landmark 2,500f/761m up into the Vosges Mountains.

A stone-block wall sits on the summit, probably a pagan ruin dating back to Celtic times. But, most visitors come to see the restored convent, which contains portions of Roman structures and tombs dating back to the 9th century.

The chapel holds the coffin of Sainte Odile, whose legendary story is both tragic and uplifting. She was born blind to a duke who disowned her because she was both female and sightless.

Nuns raised her to be a spiritual young woman, and when Odile finally reconnected with her father, the duke gave her his mountaintop château as a peace offering.

There, Odile started the first Alsatian convent for women, and she is credited with performing many healing miracles. She died at the abbey in 720.

Spend time exploring the massive courtyards and grounds, and enjoy the outstanding views over the Alsatian valley. The compound includes a pilgrimage hotel and a restaurant that is open to the public.

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