Mont des Arts

Oasis of calm

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The Mont des Arts (Kunstberg, in Dutch) literally means “hill of the arts”. It is collective noun, primarily focused around a variety of attractions and things to do around the area, with the magnificent carpet gardens providing a beautiful focal point. The elevated pavement at the top of the gardens provides some of the best views over the city of Brussels.

The gardens came about due to the influence (many say interference) of King Leopold II, who decided the area was too populous and bought the whole lot and demolished it. Realizing it would look terrible come the Universal Exposition in 1910, he ordered a garden to be designed to fill in the ugly hole left by a project lacking finance.

Being Belgium, the popularity of this garden was never taken into account and it was again demolished to make way for another hare-brained project, this time one in the guise of ‘urban renewal’. The gardens got a refit in the 60s and have remained ever since, fingers crossed. The garden gives access to the lower part of the city, as well as being easy on the eye.

At A Glance

Boulevard de l'Empereur
Brussels 1000

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