Mont Boron

A posh suburb with views

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At a height of 191m/626ft Mont Boron stands majestically between Nice and Villefranche. It is not at all surprising why this green hill is a much sought after residential area. Moreover, it is rumoured that Elton John and Michael Flatley have places here!

It’s not all residential though and it boasts some beautiful parkland with protected plant life. All this is available to explore via 11km/7m of footpaths – don’t miss the 17th century Fort.

Great views

The views over Nice, Villefranche and Cap Ferrat are sensational. On a clear day, which it usually is, you can see the Esterel in the west and the Italian coastline in the east.

Don’t miss: the 19th century Chateau des Anglais or the nearby Grotto of Lazaret, one of the most important archeological sites in Nice.

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